Become a “FleaMo First”

Whatya Gotta lose


If you would like to help us launch our crafters only, online market, this is how you can assist.

Place 5 of your crafts on our site for FREE, we will market them on your behalf, once we get an order we will process the order via our normal process. Once the goods have been dispatched.    No hassle.       No fuss.

We will not charge anything for the marketing of the product and only deduct the commission from the sale made.

So there is no risk whatsoever to you and no monies payable upfront.

The best of all is that you help in the creation of SA’s only online crafters platform, where only you can benefit in the future.

PLUS  to say thank you we will forever give you the title of “Fleamo First”

To become a partner simply complete the form below, we will then make contact with you and help you through the process. Its easy cos we do all the heavy lifting.



Nick names are fine
This is always the easiest way to communicate, also we have some docs you will need to complete so this way we can send them to you.
Let us know where you stay (province, town) so that we can get to know a bit more about you.
Please let us know what you make
If we dont have what you make please let us know what it is, we are always excited to list new crafts

Offer valid until 30 April 2019

FleaMo First special offerApril 30, 2019
The big day is here.