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Why use Fleamo to advertise my craftsAbout FleaMo

If you are interested in promoting your crafts through our platform that is fantastic here is what you need to know.

  1. You need to make items from home, anything goes, as long as it is legal 🙂
  2. We only allow our crafters to advertise a maximum of 30 items at the moment, as far as we are concerned if you have more than 30 items you are not really a small, from home business.
  3. So what constitutes an item…. let give an example, if you make clothing and have a range of shirts, as long as the shirts only vary in size and colour they will be classed as 1 item, if you have 3 different style shirts, each in 4 different colours and 5 different sizes then this will be classed as 3 items and not 75 items. So you can see that 30 items is a lot of items for a small home business.
  4. You can be situated anywhere in South Africa as we use couriers that are ship from anywhere to anywhere.
  5. Courier fees can be added to the item or included in the price, you choose.
  6. We have established am number of categories and sub-categories for you to place your items under, but if you feel your craft does not fit in any of these, no hassle we can create something for you.

The question should rather be “why not use FleaMo” to market your crafts. Here are some reasons to market through FleaMo.

  1. You do not have to load your items onto the system, we do that for you.
  2. You do not have to learn how to advertise on the internet, we do all of that for you
  3. No special computer skill are needed at all as long as you know how to send and receive an email you are ready to go.
  4. We give you the opportunity to market your crafts throughout South Africa, expanding your opportunity to sell your goods, over and above your current sales.
  5. We allow for your clients to promote your crafts to their friends and family again expanding your business with no effort from you.
  6. We are open all day every day – a Flea Market only allows you to market your crafts at a single location and only when they are open, we allow you to market anywhere at any time.
  7. We only allow small home businesses and hand-made crafts to market through our website, so you are not competing with Chinese manufactured goods that sell for nothing, or getting lost amongst, cars, computers, houses, services and everything else that other sites place you in.
  8. We are an add on to your weekend sales, we are not in competition with your or the Craft market you support, we are and expansion to them.
  9. We handle the shipping arrangement and payments for you so you can concentrate on what you love most, crafting your
  10. Compared to Flea and Craft Markets we are cheap… give us a call and we will explain how it all works.
  11. We make it easy for you to get your customers to re-order items they have already bought.

For more information please get hold of us on ant of the following options

• Email to yo@fleamo.co.za
• Phone on 083 775 0517
• Facebook at “fleamosa” or click on our fast link now.